Saturday, October 13, 2007

You Know You Live In San Francisco...

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You know you live in San Francisco when...

- you have (at least) one sweater/jacket/scarf in your handbag 'just in case' it gets cold (even when it's 30 degrees celcius outside)
- you can't go to an event in the city without expecting to see (at least one, and most likely more) naked men
- you think 18 degrees celcius and partly cloudy is flip-flop and shorts weather
- 40 square metres seems like a reasonable size for an apartment
- you notice every other person on the street has white earphones... and so do you
- you think fog is beautiful instead of annoying
- you complain all winter about how cold it is (14 degrees celcius), how gray the sky is, and how you can't wait till it gets warm, and the minute we have a few hot (20 degree celcius) days in a row, everyone gets all grumpy
- jeans, t-shirt and Converse are considered 'business casual'
- no one was born in this city, everyone moved here
- when it rains, it's all they talk about on the local evening news
- eating out is cheaper than cooking yourself
- you find yourself staring at some stranger on the street wondering what's wrong with him, and realize he's not carrying a coffee mug in his hand and a laptop bag over his shoulder, meaning he looks completely out of place here
- vegetables bought on the farmers' market are even more expensive than vegetables bought in the supermarket
- you're happy it's september because that means you can start wearing your summer clothes


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Marijke,

Ben wer terug bijgelezen, vind het altijd leuk om je blog te bezoeken. Krijg telkens enorm veel zin om het allemaal zelf eens te beleven. Ik hoop dat je voet ondertussen beter gaat en misschien zien we elkaar met kerst? Ben zelf in Belgiƫ vanaf 25 december tot en met de 29ste. Weet het heel kort, maar niet veel keuze.

Groetjes Liesbet
en dank je wel voor het beetje reizen en dromen dankzij jouw blog

1:26 PM  

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